Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy birthday MapleLeaf!

Happy happy belated birthday MapleLeaf! Even though we've never met in real life, we're pretty close, I feel really comfortable talking to you about my problems, as if you're my actual big sister. Thanks for always giving me advice whenever I have problems, encouraging me, & cheering me up. When I don't have anyone to count on in real life, you're there for me :)

& these are just a few photos I took just now. I'd make you a fansign, but I can't really get up at the moment because of my broken ankle ahaha. ^^ Happy birthday @http://sweet-tempt.blogspot.com/!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Current Song: Liar's World - Hatsune Miku
Hello there to my PO sisters! Just a quick entry on how life has been for me. Well, it's been alright. School has been using up most of my time, & while I'm not busy with school-related things, I'm typically catching up on manga & anime. Sorry for not chatting very often D: I can't wait for Thanksgiving break..... How're you all doing?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ohay, Nina here. So, have you read the Shojo manga series B.O.D.Y. by Ao Mimori? 

Plot (from Wikipedia):
Everyone thinks 16-year-old Ryoko has weird taste in guys because she can't stop drooling over Ryu, the strong silent type who sits next to her in class. When she discovers he works for a host club—where women actually pay men to date them—will she finally wise up? Only one thing's for sure in B.O.D.Y.--you can't put a price on love!

B.O.D.Y. is pretty cliche, but yknow, manga out there like Kaichou wa Maid-sama are cliche as well, but they doesn't mean it's amazing & fun to read amirite? The main girl Ryoko is.... your typical, good hearted, clumsy, cries-too-easily Shojo girl. The thing I like about her though is even though she cries like hell, she doesn't give up & is willing to help friends all the time, & worries about others (sometimes too much & she forgets about herself). Plus I love how she styles her hair ^^ The main guy Ryu is a good guy, though I must admit he's not one of my favorites & he kinda irritates me sometimes, but I do like his sexy shoulder bag haha. Honestly, this is the sorta series that wouldn't be my first choice, but it's pretty good. It's something I'd read when I'm bored, like right now. 

Unfortunately, B.O.D.Y. only has 28 chapters out online, the rest you'll have to buy. I know I'm going to try finding the volumes at some stores later <: 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Beast Master

Hihi, Nina here~ This entry is about a short Shojo manga series called Beast Master, by Kyousuke Motomi. It's only 6 chapters long + a special, so yeah 7 chapters long, so when you have some free time or something why not read it? 

Plot (taken from the Wikipedia Article): 
Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school student who loves animals, though animals unfortunately hate her and flee from her whenever possible. When Leo Aoi, a strange student with a terrifying expression transfers to Yuiko's class, she is surprised to learn that he is actually innocent and sweet-natured and animals are easily drawn to him. However, when attacked, Leo unconsciously becomes as violent as a bloodthirsty animal.
Because Yuiko is the first to see beyond his frightening expression, Leo quickly becomes strongly attached to Yuiko, who is his first friend. They fall in love with one another, but circumstances regarding Leo's family situation threaten to separate them.

I think it sucks how it's only 7 chapters, it's really sweet & cute, but, hey, not all Shojo series need to be dragged on for chapters & chapters to be amazing. I really like Yuiko; she's one of the few main characters in a Shojo I actually like; she's really sweet & cute but she's kinda stupid, she's not a pissy Mary-Sue or anything. & Leo... well, he's *o*; That's all I can say. Leoyousexybeastmmm. 


So I'm heading off to bed now, I got state-wide testing tomorrow /groan

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !

Current Song: 
Too bad I'm sick at home, I'm getting better. Wah, I hope all of those lucky couples out there are having a great time. If it was already Valentine's Day where ever you were I hope you already did have a magical day~ & I hope all those girls & guys in the world were able to confess to their crushes ^^ At home I began reading Harry Potter because I got bored. Volumes 6 & 7. I ended up crying at all the parts people died. 

Volume 6:

Volume 7:
"HOLY SHIT. Hedwig! D: /blows nose."

& so on. 

Anyways, again, Happy Valentine's Day <3 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nico Nico Douga

Alright, so I just made a NicoNico account! It was really easy, because I read this article! <3 So I've been looking at a whole bunch of Nico singers & stuff. Some guy named [Ren] has an amazing voice. I love his cover of World's End Dancehall. o w o;

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Beginning

Teehee, aren't those mochi bunnies adorable? <3 This is my first post, isn't it? Well.... I don't know if I'll be going on this blog very much. I probably won't. You'll most likely find me chatting at Potato-otaku.blogspot.com I usually chat at the chatbox. I decided to make my name Bunny Chiffon because it sounds sweet & girly. I'm really sad that one of my favorite manga series, Ouran High School Host Club is coming to an end. 
Just so you know I'm a huge fangirl of Suoh Tamaki <3 
Well, that's all for now. Goodbye~